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Worldmap of Nuclear plants

For those that are interested, here is a World map of the worldwide Nuclear plants :

Looks interesting, because most of them you have concentrated in Europe and the East coast of the US in a much bigger intensity than you have them in Japan.

Lets hope nothing will ever happen, but as you see, Japan can happen everywhere anytime.

The facebook phenomen

It is incredible what I can see around the world, especially here in latolin america.

No matter where you look or go, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Venezuela etc. etc., you always see the people with Facbook.

In the bars with their labtops chatting with friends on Facebook. You see the cashier using facebook, yes even when I crossed recently the border from Argentina to Chile I saw the officer from the passport control using facebook (maybe he was searching for my profile, lol).
Today i saw here in Montevideo two police officers in their parked car sitting in front of their labtop using Facebook. It is just incredible!
Curious also :

In Argentina you see facebook every where. I think it has already a common usage similar to the ordinary email. No matter where you ar you see the small Facebook icon on small advertisements, even on public places you can find a “Find us in Facebook”!

Facebook is a phenomen that looks like it is becomming more relevant than ordinary email.

Drinking coffee and testing iphone wordpress app

Just testing the wordpress iphone app

Whats next after the Earthquake, Tsunami and Fukushima in Japan?

So, whats comes next aftetr the Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan? Well, looking at the world and the last BIG earthquake let me come up with the following thought :
Where will be the next big one?
Honestly I think the last 3 big ones are connected with each other due to en huge contraction in the pacific plate.


First we had the Earthquake in Chile with a magnitude of 8.8 . After this one we had the earthquake in New Zealand with 6.3 .


So, my point is after japan, which is a third point of a this quader. Now there is a forth point missing.
This forth point directely to California.
My guess is that we are pretty close to a huge contraccion on the californian cost. Of course, noone knows exactly when
it will happen, but we all know that it will happen. This fact and the fact of the last 3 big quakes over the last year points to that it will happen rather sooner than later.