Don t stop asking why things the way are how they are until you fully understood them.
Question things other try to explain or tell you until you fully understood them by yourself.
Maintain your independency and freedom of thinking and acting.

Freedom starts where dependency ends.
Libertad comienza donde termina la dependencia.

Intuicion es inteligencia, solamente que la adelanta.
Intuition is intelligence, only that it comes in advance.

Llamarme loco es un cumplido para mi. Gracias mis amigos.
Calling me crazy is a compliment for me. Thanks guys.

Time is Money. Money is Gold. Time is more valuable than gold. Most people wont understand,
those that do, know why. They had to learn it.

The old romans alrwady knew : “Auro loquente omnis oratio inanis est.” ? “Wenn das Gold redet, dann schweigt die Welt.”