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Remove the ice of your Fridge

I highly recommend the following way to remove the ice of your fridget :
- remove all food from your fridge
- add a plate full of hot water in it
- wait 15 minutes
- remove the huge blocks of ice!

I had this experience some weeks ago. Same idea, when I could not open my fridge anymore.
I saw that the coverage of the fridge is made of aluminium :) .. then I remembered physics from school and university and I remembered that metals transport head, they actuate like a heat conductor. So I thought that I have to put something warm into contact with the metallic ground. So I did. I first used a plate with warm water.

After a while I saw that it seems to work. I cooked water and put it into the fridget with 2 plates. After 10 minutes
or less I could remove huge blocks of ice!

The ice started to melt a little between the the ice and the metallic ground. It formed something like a microfilm of water
that allowed me to remove the ice very very easily.

If you search a little on the web, you can find the same solution .. I did not, I was surprised having had the same idea :)

Drinking coffee and testing iphone wordpress app

Just testing the wordpress iphone app