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The facebook phenomen

It is incredible what I can see around the world, especially here in latolin america.

No matter where you look or go, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Venezuela etc. etc., you always see the people with Facbook.

In the bars with their labtops chatting with friends on Facebook. You see the cashier using facebook, yes even when I crossed recently the border from Argentina to Chile I saw the officer from the passport control using facebook (maybe he was searching for my profile, lol).
Today i saw here in Montevideo two police officers in their parked car sitting in front of their labtop using Facebook. It is just incredible!
Curious also :


In Argentina you see facebook every where. I think it has already a common usage similar to the ordinary email. No matter where you ar you see the small Facebook icon on small advertisements, even on public places you can find a “Find us in Facebook”!

Facebook is a phenomen that looks like it is becomming more relevant than ordinary email.